Hot Dog Linear

Ombre Mono

This vibrant print will whisk you away to a tropical paradise in your dreams! Featuring bright toucan birds surrounded by large tropical flowers on the front of the duvet cover, and a smaller scale version on the reverse so you can pick your preferred look.

Show your love for dachshunds, the new Hot Dog on the block! Our fresh monochrome design will look cool and modern in your bedroom. Featuring an overlapping linear sausage dog design on the front and a smaller fun repeat dog pattern on the reverse, this design really captures the lovable nature of this hot dog!

Our modern Ombré monochrome duvet adds effortless style to your bedroom. Featuring a marble Ombré effect with a geometric faux-creased effect for that just got out of bed style. The reverse design is a cool light marble geometric linear print.

Urban Decay


Sloth Life

The Hive Urban Decay duvet is a collage of overlaid urban monochrome photographs to bring modern urban cool to your bedroom. Featuring graffiti style paint blocks in red on one side of the duvet & yellow on the other, you can show off your own style. You could even have the other side showing on the pillowcase for extra colour!

Switch off and relax with this neon sign style duvet design! Features a large vibrant SWITCH OFF print on the front of the duvet on a grey marl print background, with an all over neon sign style pattern on the reverse.

Live your best life by following the Yoga Sloths morning exercise routine! Features a large panel design of 9 different quirky Sloth Yoga poses including “Meditate (warm up for sleeping)”, “Can’t touch toes…touch floor instead” and “Hug this tree”. The reverse design is a fun all over linear sloth print with a pale blue brush stroke paint effect to add a little texture.

Hello Sailor

Our quirky nautical themed bedding features a gorgeous retro pinup mermaid and anchors in a tattoo art style. One side of the duvet is Navy blue with a white mermaid design, and the reverse is white with a blue mermaid print. Both sides have a small splash of red to make the design really pop.


Easy on the Sprouts

Merry Slothmas

Merry Cactus

Everyone knows sprouts are compulsory at Christmas, and now it’s not just at the dinner table! Whether you are a sprout lover or a hater, this fun bedding is sure to bring some festive cheer to your bedroom.

Merry Slothmas one and all! Featuring silly sloths wearing Christmas jumpers, Santa hats and Reindeer antlers. Why shouldn’t sloths get in on the Christmas festivities too!

A modern twist on the traditional Christmas fir tree, we have decorated our cactus instead! Bright and vibrant colours give this a fun festive feel that will see you through the winter season.


Prepare your little ones for Christmas time! Featuring Santa’s red suit on 1 side of the duvet with “HO HO HO” on the pillowcase, and a green Elf outfit on the reverse with “Santa’s Little Helper” on the pillowcase. This duvet will help you count down the sleeps until the big day!

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